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Help your team get more out of meetings and work better together.

Qminutes works on building values and insights from conversations. For your business. Your way.   

What we do?

Our meeting management platform delivers business centric minute taking and insights at your finger tip with our AI Notetaker Assistant APP

At a coffee meeting, strategy call, sales pitch or board meeting and want consistent, unbiased, quality cost-effective minute taker?

And in minutes, understand how effective was the meeting, pitch, sentiment and agenda?

Insights into trends and patterns, summarize, drill minutes, meeting 5P's, coaching KPIs, multi-language reporting and much more.

Data Cloud_edited.png

Data privacy?

Conversations can be sensitive. We get that.

Full encryption from end-to-end. We can't even help you recover if you lose your key.

We don't use your data to
improve our AI.

Have your data stored on your server.

Even destroy your recordings and/or transcript once you get your kpis. 

Reach out to us to explore ways that fits your organisations policies.

How are we different?

We un-babble your meeting transcripts into a clear dashboard. Map actions, decisions and align strategies and vision between teams, departments and division.


Bring back meaningful and tangible data to super-power your workforce. Time is money. 

Test-drive Qminutes Today.

And reach out to us and chat on how we can help make it more personal and effective to your team.

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