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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Qminutes and what does it do?

Qminutes is an AI-powered meeting management application designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your meetings. It automates tasks such as generating agendas, capturing meeting minutes, and creating concise summaries, making meetings more productive and less time-consuming.


How can I get started with Qminutes?


You can get started by downloading the Qminutes app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or by accessing it on the web. Once installed, sign up for an account, and you're ready to start improving your meeting experience.

Is Qminutes available for all devices and operating systems?

Yes, Qminutes is available as a mobile app for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. You can also access it through a web browser on various operating systems.


Is my data secure with Qminutes?


Yes, your data security is a top priority. Qminutes uses encryption and robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your meeting information and documents.

Can I customise agendas with Qminutes?

Absolutely. Qminutes allows you to create both built-in and customisable agendas to tailor your meetings to your specific needs and objectives.


Can I share my meetings with others using Qminutes?

Yes, Qminutes provides options for sharing meetings with other participants, controlling access, and inviting collaborators, promoting collaboration and information sharing.


How can Qminutes help improve the efficiency of my meetings?

By automating tasks like capturing minutes, generating summaries, and tracking action items, Qminutes ensures that meetings stay on track, leading to more efficient and productive discussions.


Is there a free trial available for Qminutes?

Yes, Qminutes offers a free trial period for you to experience the benefits of the application before committing to a subscription.


How can I upgrade to a premium Qminutes plan?

To upgrade to a premium plan, simply follow the in-app or website prompts to choose a subscription that suits your needs. You can then start enjoying additional features and benefits immediately.

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